South African expat tax services

As a South African living overseas not only do you face the complexities of a foreign tax system, you may also remain liable to tax in South Africa.

Our deep understanding of tax legislation in your new home and in South Africa, and most importantly the interaction between them, means you’re in safe hands. We’ll ensure you are fully compliant and keep your tax obligations to a minimum.

It starts with a no obligation conversation; simply submit your details and one of our tax team will give you a call.

Whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US or the UK we’ve got it covered.

In addition to addressing the dual taxation issue we also provide the following South African tax services:

  • reactivate and update tax records
  • registration and de-registration with SARS
  • process refunds
  • claim disallowed pension contributions
  • submit returns
  • obtain tax clearance certificates
  • obtain tax directives
  • dispute resolution
  • capital gains tax calculations
  • general tax enquiries

The complete tax solution for South Africans, by South Africans.

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client testimonial

I recently had a great experience with CashKows and the transfer of my SA retirement annuities to Ireland. CashKows also offered to submit a closing tax return to SARS.

Mike Louw

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