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I recently had a great experience with CashKows and the transfer of my SA retirement annuities to Ireland. CashKows also offered to submit a closing tax return to SARS in June 2013.

Mike Louw

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Far-flung places to immigrate to: Packing for the Philippines

The Philippines consists of more than 7000 islands in Southeast Asia. It is a multi-cultural country popular with expats from all over the world including the USA, Japan, Spain and India. According to the 2016 Expat Explorer survey by HSBC which is conducted amongst...

Should you drive, while living abroad?

If you are emigrating from a country like South Africa, where cars are the most common form of transport, you’ll likely have the same ‘driver’ mindset when heading off to your new country. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that purchasing a car...

Things to consider when negotiating your expat contract

Many expats move abroad without a contract in place, but if you’re lucky enough to be transferred within your existing organisation or if you have been head-hunted by a company abroad, you’ll be in a good position to negotiate a comprehensive expat contract. To assist...

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