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When living abroad while holding investment policies in South Africa there could be as much as 12,000km’s between you and your money.’s personal financial planning service is designed to to ensure your South African investments receive the attention they deserve for you to enjoy the best return on investment.

The core of a successful financial future relies on effective retirement planning. Where and when you wish to retire is your decision. To deliver on your expectations requires care and attention. Your financial objectives become our responsibility. We’ll help you make the right decision at the right time.

Working with provides many benefits:

  • qualified, on-the-ground, team to keep an eye over your South African investments.
  • when deciding to financially emigrate from South Africa we offer a safe, simple and secure solution.
  • collaboration with Australian, New Zealand, UK and USA based financial planners for peace of your financial freedom

What makes us different? You’ll be working with real people who have the experience and insight to assess financial investments and assets from a South African’s perspective.

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I recently had a great experience with CashKows and the transfer of my SA retirement annuities to Ireland. CashKows also offered to submit a closing tax return to SARS.

Mike Louw

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