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Banking solutions designed to make financial migration from South Africa convenient and easy.

South Africa

Instant access deposit account: when living abroad – an account for easy offshore fund transfer from South Africa as well as accepting funds from any source. Functionalities include:

  • quick and easy to set up and open
  • foreign exchange – to move funds from your personal exchange control allowance.
  • interest bearing – rate calculated based on your account balance
  • debit order facility – for recurring payments (upon application)
  • internet access – to review your transaction history (upon application)
  • compatible – links to your foreign currency account
  • competitive exchange and interest rates

Blocked rand account

This is an account through which income from all assets, declared in your financial emigration application, has to flow. While a blocked rand account can be held with any major South African bank of your choice, it is our responsibility to provide you with:

  • a full service financial emigration solution
  • competitive exchange and interest rates
  • post emigration debit order payment facilities

Non-resident account: designed for financially emigrated South Africans or non-residents living abroad to freely transfer funds to and from South Africa, e.g. to purchase an investment property  Functionalities include:

  • quick and easy to set up and open
  • exchange control compliant – to convert your foreign currency to rand and freely transfer funds from, and to, South Africa when you so require.
  • competitive exchange and interest rates
  • debit order facility – for recurring payments

Your banking team will take care of the necessary paperwork and ensure that your bank accounts account meet South Africa’s regulatory requirements to enable you to transact freely and easily when the need arises.

Offshore bank accounts’s relationship with a leading South African bank’s offshore subsidiary provides the opportunity to open and hold bank accounts in the Isle of Man, one of the most respected and regulated offshore financial jurisdictions.

You are free to hold funds in a range of currencies offering you the agility to take advantage of unique investment opportunities.

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I recently had a great experience with CashKows and the transfer of my SA retirement annuities to Ireland. CashKows also offered to submit a closing tax return to SARS.

Mike Louw

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