Endowment policies

South African expats often neglect their financial portfolios back on home soil. You may have forgotten about your policies or perhaps you aren’t sure what your options are when it comes to changes, cessions or offshore transfers. Let us give you some insight about your endowment policies.

What is an endowment policy?

An endowment policy is similar to life insurance except that it pays out a lump sum after a specific term or on death. The insured can select the investment term – usually five, ten, fifteen or twenty years.

What can South African emigrants do with their endowment policies?

South Africans abroad can surrender their endowment policies. If the policy is ceded to a bank, the ceding will require cancellation before funds can be released.

How does it work?

cashkows.com will organise cancellation of your debit orders and arrange for the policies to be paid up and surrendered. We can also assist with cancellation of the cession on your policy if necessary.

We can also refer you to a new adviser or insurer abroad who can assist you in applying for relevant cover in your new country of residence.

What are the fees?

Our initial consultation to you is cost-free and includes a quotation for our services. Fees are fixed and payable only on successful completion of the job.

Why choose cashkows.com?

We offer a full suite of financial services for South African emigrants at better rates than commercial banks and optimal payouts over a shorter period than other providers and everything’s fully compliant.

  • speed: using our services means you’ll have your money faster
  • cost: no up-front payment required
  • compliance: we’re a licensed financial services provider and SARB approved foreign exchange intermediary
  • expertise: our team includes certified international financial planners, lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists  and bankers providing expertise in all areas of cross-border finance
  • confidentiality: your information remains private and is protected by the strictest security measures
  • convenience: we take care of the whole process, provide signature ready, completed documentation and all our services can be rendered remotely
  • value: we provide highly competitive exchange rates
  • efficiency: we boast a 100% success rate with over 15 000 clients in 80 different countries.

If you’re interested in cashkows.com services or need more information, simply leave your details, and we’ll call you!

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I recently had a great experience with CashKows and the transfer of my SA retirement annuities to Ireland. CashKows also offered to submit a closing tax return to SARS.

Mike Louw

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