What does Australia’s new visa program mean for expats?

Australia has very recently performed a complete overhaul of their immigration policy, which will have a significant impact on people looking to immigrate to the country. Australia is one of the top destinations for both South African and UK expats who are drawn to... read more

Why Windy Wellington is the new IT expat destination

New Zealand is a popular expat destination. Not only is it the 4th most peaceful country in the world, but its wide-open spaces and the healthy lifestyle it offers are equally strong attractions for expats, particularly those with young families. Recently Wellington... read more

What does the great Brexit divide mean for working expats?

Brexit has everyone worried, especially EU expats working in the UK and UK expats living and working in the EU. So where are things currently sitting with regard to the rights of expats to work and reside in countries that were previously ‘open’ to them long before... read more

Five expat tips on how to avoid bad financial advice

Expats generally command good salaries and are often in the position where they can save and invest money. The one area where they are vulnerable, particularly if they are living in a new country, is being subjected to bad financial advice. Back in your home country,... read more

Don’t pin your happiness on the weather

People become expats for a wide variety of reasons – the travel bug, job opportunities, the desire to avoid upheaval and unrest in their home countries and the yearning for a better, happier life. However if you think making a move to a sunnier climate will bring you... read more

Moving to a more peaceful country

One of the reasons many South Africans give when asked why they have left the country, is their fears surround political upheaval and violence. Making a move to a more stable, peaceful country is a strong motivation for anyone, especially if they have a family to... read more

Common challenges serial expats face

What’s a serial expat? Well, it’s our light-hearted term for someone who spends his or her lifetime as an expat, moving from country to country. Often they are children of expats and hold multiple passports. The world is their home and while it sounds exotic, these... read more

Far-flung places to immigrate to: Settling in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country that is attracting more attention from expats – particularly as it has come in strongly, at position 10 out of 162 countries, on the 2016 Global Peace Index ranking – which ranks the most peaceful countries in the word. Slovenia at number 10... read more

7 dangerous animals to avoid in Australia

Expats are often attracted to Australia because of the healthy, secure lifestyle offered to families. However, many people don’t realise that Australia is infamous for its dangerous animals and has more deadly snakes than any country in the world and many other... read more

Money-saving tips for expats

A big advantage associated with being an expat is that moving abroad can bring you a substantial increase in your salary and many expat ‘perks’ – like having your children’s education and even the rental on your accommodation paid for. In fact, many expats embrace the... read more
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