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Charity begins at Home This proverb was first recorded in English, in slightly different form by John Wycliffe Of Prelates in 1383 – “Charity should begin at himself” – meaning that family members are more important than anyone else – one’s own people come before any other responsibilities. By South Africans for South Africans is embedded in the ethos where we are committed to contribute in a meaningful way to society at large. Founded in Hermanus in 2009, we at believe Charity begins at Home by starting with our local community. and its employees are committed partners of the Hermanus Rainbow Trust with the purpose to enable social development and building a better future for all members of our society.   hermanus-rainbow-trust

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Where are the eggs? Overcoming breakfast culture shock as an expat

If you start your day with bacon and eggs or a hearty bowl of oats or cereal, you’re in for a dose of culture shock when you move abroad. Nutritionists claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so quickly acclimatising to your new breakfast, is an...

What does Australia’s new visa program mean for expats?

Australia has very recently performed a complete overhaul of their immigration policy, which will have a significant impact on people looking to immigrate to the country. Australia is one of the top destinations for both South African and UK expats who are drawn to...

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