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Emigration is not for sissies!” – Mariette Janse van Rensburg, director in Australia, who made the move, with her family, in 2012.

Not an understatement – it’s fact – because no two families’ emigration challenges are the same. Evidenced in the real-life scenarios below there’s no blueprint or one-size-fits-all solution for moving money from South Africa to your new home.

Four unique situations for which provided four unique solutions:

This family has lived in the US since 1992

case-study-01Mum, dad and two teenage children were happily and permanently ensconced in the US. The challenge arose when they decided to transfer the proceeds of their South African retirement annuities to the US, to fund the children’s higher education., Around the same time the kids became beneficiaries to the grandparents’ estate. June 2013: None of the family had a South African bank account, or an active tax record and they didn’t know how to go about surrendering policies and transferring the proceeds, plus the inheritance, offshore.

He moved to the UK in 1994

case-study-02When he arrived in the country he was footloose and fancy-free. He went on to build a successful career and life in the UK, so much so he called it home. There was no real reason for him to go back until, sadly, his grandmother’s passing when he became a beneficiary of her estate. Without taking action in advance it created a problem. April 2012: “I never saw the need to financially emigrate until I needed to transfer my inheritance to the UK”.

This family moved to New Zealand in 2005

case-study-03Between the Mother and Father they left behind five retirement annuities and still owned two properties in South Africa. The children were in line to inherit from their grandparents into the future. September 2013: The parents needed to use the proceeds from their retirement annuities to help buy a family home in New Zealand; a solution to be able to transfer the rental income from the two properties until sold; and the children needed to be able to easily transfer their inheritance income offshore when due.

A married couple moving to Australia in 2013

case-study-04Both professionals – planning their relocation to Australia to the last detail. They researched the areas best suited to their lifestyle; investigated job opportunities; what suburbs and house pricing? Down to relocating their Labrador. Besides two properties in South Africa, between them; he held retirement annuities; she’s a PPS member with a Profit Share Account; they’re beneficiaries of three estates. January 2013: They called on to assist in their financial migration planning.

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