At we’ve never had vacancies to fill. From day one there were new opportunities to be taken up! opportunities

When we started the business in 2010 there were 3 of us and now the team-count’s breaking into the 70’s! Staff turnover probably adds up to half a dozen in 5 years and it’s not vacancies we have to fill – it’s opportunities for keen spirited, like-minded people… If waking up in the morning to help fellow South Africans on their journey to financial freedom is what drives you, then your seat is waiting to be filled.

We don’t call it working – we call it adding quality to people’s lives. Keen to fill one of the empty chairs below?

Head office

Telephone: 028 312 2764
Telephone: outside SA +27 28 312 2764
Fax: 088 028 312 2467
Address: 7 Marine Square, College Road, Hermanus, 7200 Western Cape, South Africa


Email: Telephone: 1300 659 228 or 0400 639 388 Telephone: outside Australia +61 756 658 518 Telephone: New Zealand 09 925 0351 Address: 37 Jenkins Court, Upper Coomera, Queensland, 4209

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