Soon we’ll be celebrating, hugging, kissing, texting, phone calling and wishing friends, family and strangers a prosperous 2015.

If you’re an SA Expat living abroad – why not make one important New Year’s resolution today – to move your South African money to a bank in your new hometown?

Johnny Clegg’s Scatterlings of Africa hold billions of Rand in South Africa in the form of unclaimed polices, retirement investments and pension funds which, at the time of leaving to go live and work abroad, they weren’t allowed to take out of the country.

Regulations and times have changed for the better and expats are now fully entitled to cash-in and move their policy monies from South Africa without any age or retirement restrictions.

To legally transfer the proceeds of ones insurance policies abroad is a complicated process that takes approximately 100 days to complete, and for which DIY is not a recommendation. has assisted more than 5000 South African families; living in 76 countries, to successfully move their policy proceeds abroad – safe, simple, secure.

To get the ball rolling we provide a free, no obligation personal financial report for you to discover how much money you have available to transfer from South Africa. Here’s to early New Year’s resolutions and to what you’re bringing to prosper in 2015.

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