Tuesday 24 September is National Braai Day! South Africans are passionate people who’ll braai at the drop of a chop! (Vat hom Flaffie.) Thanks to Jan Braai, South Africans the world over will get together around the braai-fire to talk rugby, politics, share Brakpan jokes and nurse a Castle.

Back home braai fever is running high with the organisers taking suggestions to change town names. Interesting proposals on the table are ‘Houtbraai’. ‘Braaidasdorp’ ‘Porkview’, ‘Midbrand’, ‘Wood & Meat’, ‘’Feast London’ and ‘Braainston’.

We know readers of Fresh Milk will share the braai-fire with other expat and newly made friends. Enjoy the Castle, enjoy the braai, enjoy the memories and please don’t forget to post a pic or two on our Facebook page. Nou gaan ons braai!

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