Sustainability has become an “everyday” word in our vocabulary, with far-reaching implications for our daily lives. In the good old days when air was clean and dancing dirty, it never bothered us where our food, clothes and consumables came from.

We happily consumed and enjoyed because there’s lots more where it came from. Well things have changed – for the better – as nowadays we think twice before buying, throwing away or wasting, because we know that world resources are struggling to keep pace with an ever increasing population’s demand for everything conceivable … which brings me to the sensitive matter of savings, investments and retirement funding.

Many fresh milk readers are South Africans now living abroad – tens of thousands of which still hold assets, back in SA, in the form of retirement investments. If you are in this position, does it make sense, from sustainability and return perspectives, to subject your investment to a depreciating currency? Does it not make more sense to migrate these retirement funds to a market where you’ll enjoy better long-term prospects? Time to think?

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