As the saying goes it happens in the best of families. How many times have you heard of people travelling abroad who had to go see a doctor and ended up being treated in Afrikaans or feeling at home with the accented “take a deep breath”.

For the expat doctors reading fresh milk please know, we know you are out there doing a great job. Hou die blink kant bo!

We’re doing our part helping South African medical practitioners who live and work across the waters by looking after their PPS investments with the view to them reaping maximum benefit. So, if there’s one piece of advice we can offer the doctor – never cancel your PPS membership. It’s the best medicine money can buy!

PPS are constantly evolving their product with the single-minded objective to provide maximum value both in terms of member opportunities and return on investment. The one underlying feature of continuing your PPS membership, no matter where in the world you practice these days, your surplus rebate account continues to be funded and therein lies your long-term benefit.

As a PPS member you are entitled to a share of the company’s annual profits, which get distributed, through your surplus rebate account. Having earlier spoken about compound interest – let’s repeat the prescription: small monthly investments; over time and interest on interest will bring generous and unexpected financial benefits – guaranteed and tax-free! For your free consultation please click here.

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